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Felt is a product that plays an important part in numerous production processes. It is an efficient sound insulator, an environment-friendly packaging material, and is also an indispensable aid in the production process or in the product itself. Founded in 1927, Nevima BV has closely followed the development of this product with its exceptionally useful properties for eighty years.

During these eighty years, the applications for felt have become so widespread and versatile that no plastic or rubber can compete. With the aid of analysis, research and product monitoring, Nevima BV has complete control over the quality of the production process, which has been awarded an EN-ISO 9001 certificate. As a major part of the activities concerns research into new applications, the extensive know-how available in the various departments has to be quickly and easily exchangeable throughout the company.

Nevima distinguishes three important categories within the various applications: felt for the building industry, technical felt and felt for specific sound insulation. In the future Nevima will continue to offer its business relations the familiar personal service from Amersfoort. It will also strive to be a partner that guarantees the maximum technical support and that focuses on a constantly innovative product programme.


1 May 2024


During the holiday period we are normal accessible but with a minimum occupancy so  the delivery times can be longer than expected.

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