The purpose of insulating ceilings is in particular to reduce the amount of contact sound. The objective is to achieve complete acoustic separation between the various parts of the construction. Two methods can be used for this:

  1. An additional construction fitted on to the existing supporting beams. Nevima has developed Soundbattens and Centralsoundbattens for this. The flexible damping strips consist of two layers: 10 mm coconut fibre, fitted with latex, and 10 mm or 20 mm thermally-bonded polyester fibres. Securing holes of 8 mm diameter are punched in the damping strips of the wall and ceiling types.
  2. Fully free-suspended ceiling based on C- and U-profiles. We have a range of solutions using our IVI-Metal system for these commonly used ceilings.
    The damping strip is attached mechanically to the ceiling batten so that the suspended weight cannot pull the strip loose. 8 mm fixing holes are punched in this damping strip.